A father who plays guitar and is a fan of all the music made in the USA up until the invention of electricity made for a 'folky' atmosphere and a childhood filled with the sounds of blues, bluegrass, country and the great afro-american voices. Then comes the time when paternal influences give way to the chaos of adolescence and the purchase of my first singles (The Clash, Sex Pistols, ACDC...).
At 16, my first guitar (electric of course) and my first group (punk rock 3 chord style) then a succession of different bands playing rock, jazz-rock, funk, "chanson française" (Jack o' Lanternes), hip hop and electronic music (Ripley). Sometime along the way the guitar had lost 2 strings to become a bass and the bass had widened its girth to become a double bass. To my passion for music had been added those of instrument making and amplification. There remained only sound recording (both live and in the studio) to complete the picture and to add the last touch to my philosophy of "do it yourself, then you only have yourself to blame for your mistakes".
On a detour to a pub I came accross The Churchfitters. Their music reconciled my own influences with those of my father, combining the energy of rock and the the groove of soul and funk with the sensitivity and sincerity of folk music.
It remains to say that for me, music is absolutely not about genre or style or I don't know which tradition. It is above all a form of pure communication, direct and hopefully sincere.


Profession : Musician, Instrument maker, Sound engineer.
Instruments played : Double bass, electric bass, guitar, bouzouki, percussion.
Musical studies : self-taught

Jack o Lanternes

Technical studies :

1993-1995 : Ecole ETPA (sound engineering) in Rennes, Brittany
1993-1995 : Apprentice to Fred Pons at the workshop KOPO in Rennes to learn instrument making and instrument amplification.

Bands past and present :

1989 : Guernica (alternative punk-rock)
1991-1992 : Stinky Feet (progressive rock)
1995-1999 : Jack o’Lanternes (festive chanson française)
1999-2001 : Ripley (electro hip-hop)
1999-2000 : Scenic Railway (hommage to Serge Gainsbourg)
2001-2003 : Debroize (chanson française)
since 2003 : Churchfitters

Churchfitters live Churchfitters

Discography :

Jack o’ Lanternes : Mines de Rien (Kerig) 1998 & Retrouvailles (Kerig) 1999
Ripley : Agent Secret (auto production) 1999
Debroize : De l’Air (auto production) 2002
The Churchfitters : New Tales for Old (auto production / L’Autre Distribution) 2005

recording This Fine Night

Recording (takes, mixing, mastering) :

Le Barjoband : Live (auto production) 1995
Swing Mania : Live (auto production) 2000
The Churchfitters : This Fine Night (auto production / L’Autre Distribution) 2003, New Tales for Old (auto production / L’Autre Distribution) 2005, Amazing (auto production / L'Autre Distribution) 2007
Bivoac : Koa Ya Koa (Coop Breizh) 2005

Film music :

Ripley : Le Dos au Mur (animation) 2000

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Banjo bass
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Double bass
banjo basse
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suitecase and percussion
Suitecase and percussion
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Bing Bong Machine
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