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This Fine Night


Anthony Mc CARTAN

Lead vocals, Bouzouki, Harmonica,Suitcase.


Vocals, Violin, Guitar, Thumb piano.


Lead vocals, Soprano saxophone, Flute, Tin-whistle, Banjo, Guitar, Percussion.

  1. War Has No Conscience (Anthony Mc Cartan)
  2. June Apple (Americain trad. additional words Geoff Coombs)
  3. Johnny Was A Shoemaker (Irish traditional)
  4. The Long Note (Irish traditional)
  5. Mick Mc Guire (Irish traditional)
  6. Ae Fond Kiss And Then We Sever (Robert Burns, 1791)
  7. Down On The Farm (Anthony Mc Cartan)
  8. He Cut Her Throat (Rosie Short)
  9. I Saw you dancing / I Keep On Turning (Anthony Mc Cartan / Rosie Short)
  10. Matt Hyland (Scottish traditional)
  11. The Two Sisters (Irish traditional)

All Arrangements by The Churchfitters.
Special Guest: Raphaël Chevalier, Viola on "War Has No Conscience" and "Ae Fond Kiss And Then We Sever".
Recorded live : - 27th September 2002, Salle Claude Lambert, Saint-Pierre lès Elbeuf (76) - 28th September 2002, Le Colombier, Magnanville (78) - 29th Septembre 2002, Le Théâtre des Chalands, Val de Reuil (27).
Recorded live by Laurent Dahyot and Boris Lebret.
Mixed by Boris Lebret at The Pink Chamber Studios, Rennes.
Mastering : Jean-Pierre Chalbos, La source, Paris.
Cover illustrations : Rosie Short.
Design : Gwendal Leprêtre.
Produced by F.M.R.A. and le Théâtre des Chalands

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